Are you sure your Mac is Protected from latest Malware threats?

Malware Crusher is the ultimate security solution for your Mac. It ensures that your Mac remains free from infections and its resources are unaffected to deliver optimum performance. It scans and gives you detailed information of infection before removing it.

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Why Install Malware Crusher?
As Macs are becoming more vulnerable to malware attacks, it’s time to take measures to protect your Mac. A careful research in this field has led us to create “Malware Crusher”, a software which restricts Adware, Malware from entering into your Mac. In other words it secures your Mac Environment

Scans Malware

Malware Crusher finds and removes Mac malware automatically without hampering performance. You have inbuilt custom module for handling it manually


Blocks Adware

Malware Crusher has inbuilt feature to block all annoying Adware. This feature actually helps in faster downloads and enhances processing power of your Mac.


Ensures Protection

With Malware Crusher, your browsing habits are secure and your privacy stays intact. It detects and stops infected sites from being shown in the browser.

Protection that's better than other products
Malware Crusher is a research led product which keeps you safe and protected. Hackers and easy money earners in the cyber field are devising new and treacherous ways to steel your money, identity and just anything which could get them easy money. A product which is so very different and yet so very close whom you can trust for your cyber needs. When the entire cyber community is awaiting new threats our team is working round the clock to identify invisible threats from nook and corner of coding community and devising a solution for it. We stand alert to keep your Mac threat free.

Internet Shield


Malware Crusher browser security becomes fiercer in blocking ads on the web and lets you browse the internet ad-free. It ensures that you see only relevant ads.


Would you feel safe to browse the web with your family around if there are offensive ads? Don’t worry! Malware Crusher saves you from this embarrassment by blocking all ads from sites you visit.


Once you download a file on the internet, Malware Crusher scans it thoroughly for any infections so that you have a safe and disinfected executable file on your Mac.

No More Malware worries

As we take steps to keep blocking codes designed to infect your Mac, Fraudsters are busy creating more complex methods to breach security shield of your Mac. Our R&D team keeps coming out with updates which start protecting your Mac even before an attack on your mac is encountered.

Endless Protection from everything that intends to harm your Mac

Security that’s stronger than an Antivirus

Anti-Malware + Anti-Virus + Anti-Adware + Mac Protection = Malware Crusher

Enhanced Protection with Malware Crusher

Our ever-vigilant team dedicated to monitor cyber world is constantly narrowing down on threats posing future threats and suspicious behaviors. Once the behavior of the code is suspected, it is deeply diagnosed and posed threats are neutralized by writing antimalware code. Round the clock monitoring is on and more outcomes like Antimalware are already in process of seeing daylight.

Malware Crusher removes all persistent threats from your Mac and ensures all infected Windows resources are replaced with safer versions. So once you have this installed, you wouldn’t need multiple antivirus and antimalware tools. This does the work of all of these tools.

Lightweight, Powerful & Optimized Security

Acknowledged and Trusted by industry, Malware Crusher has attained a position where end-user has stopped installing other security tools as they are covered within it. The reason why Malware crusher is more sought after software is, light weight and Powerful security it provides.

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A Step Towards Protecting the World from Malware Attacks
Malware Crusher aims at securing worldwide Macs from deadly threats like Viruses, Malwares, Trojans, PUPs etc. As new technologies are emerging at faster pace, the entire cyber world is transforming into a more complex virtual world and thus creating threats which are more complicated and hard to detect, your trust and belief in us has kept us delivering solutions in a more efficient and regular way.
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